About Us

Incorporated in the year 2019, Matata – A premium audio and mobile accessories company was launched with the single mission to bring innovative & futuristic products to Indian market cluttered with run of the mill products.

Brand Matata derives its strength from its parent company RIVO Electronics, Hongkong. Established in the year 2004, RIVO is a known name in the Electronics, IT & Mobile Accessories segment and clocked a revenue of USD 100 Million. Known for its high-end innovation and R&D, the company today boasts of 60+ patents to its credit. An impressive expand of 60000 Sq Mtrs of manufacturing campus houses more than 1000 employees.

The story behind brand MATATA

Think happiness, think MATATA – that’s the inspiration behind our especially curated brand and products’ collection that we bring forth for contemporary Millennials and Generation Z.

The brand has been named after ‘MATATA’ – the chirpy bird found in the wetlands of New Zealand, personifying the lively spirit that has the capability to enamour the world with its ecstatic and cheerful persona. We didn’t just name our brand after this happy-go-lucky little birdie, we have, in fact, made it a way of life at MATATA and we firmly believe that our specially designed products will prelude happiness for those who own them. Our inspiration reflects in the way we design, benchmark and position our products.

The MATATA logo

Symbolism – The MATATA logo is symbolic of cheerfulness, happiness and being a part of the very premium club extraordinaire. The extraordinariness has been shown with the beautifully curved letter ‘M’ in the middle of the logo unit standing for being a class apart. The ‘+’ sign towards the right top denotes the brand always being one step ahead on everything that it offers and going only towards the upside. Just like the ‘M’ is enclosed in the logo, our products are meant to sheathe you in pure joy.

Color – The logo is curated in a special bright blue color which stands for depth, stability, calm of the sea & sky, coupled with confidence and cheer. The color has closely been related to heaven since time immemorial and that’s exactly how the products make you feel- heavenly. The vibrant color is meant to reflect the spirit of the young audience.